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Patriot Site Pros has the expertise to complete large-scale excavation prep and site clearing with the professionalism and drive of proven industry leaders. We are a full-service land clearing company.

Vegetation Management

We manage brush and overgrowth to restore your land to viable property with an increase in value.


We prepare your site using the right equipment. Homes, commercial, business site prep.

Safe & Professional

All tree removal and grinding services performed with quality equipment.

Increasing Value

Tree & Vegetation Removal, Mulching, Chipping, Offsite Haul if requested. No harm to keeper trees.

Restore & Improve

Storm debris removed safely from homes, businesses, and beachfronts.

Excavation & Land Clearing

We provide all services necessary to prepare your land for new construction and use throughout Southwest Florida.

Proudly Licensed & Serving Southwest Florida

  • Increase Property Value & Sell Faster.

    A professional cleared home or business site makes a great impression to prospective buyers, and can help to increase interest and price point in your for sale property.

  • Leave the Land Management to the Pros.

    Keep your yard free of unwanted debris that can cause property damage and become a potential fire hazard during burn season. Quarterly and Yearly Maintenance Plans available.

  • Count on Experience to Get the Job Done.

    We are professional land clearing experts with licenses to service Collier, Hendry, Lee and Charlotte Counties. No project is too large for us.

Patriot Site Pros offers land clearing and mulching services in Charlotte, Glades, Lee, Hendy, and Collier Counties | | Patriot Site Pros Commercial Land Clearing & Mulching

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